The Legends of Ansu Epic Fantasy Series

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Book 1: Gray Wolf

Rebel youth Corin an Fol joins the Wolf Regiment only to fall foul of its sadistic Swordmaster, Taskala. He stands to lose everything in the war and conflict that follows.

Book 2: Legends of the Longsword

The wolf is back! Big sword, bad attitude. He’s left the regiment but Corin’s problems have only just begun. Now someone’s out to get his boss.

Books 3: Wolves and Assassins

King Nogel of Kelwyn seeks to hunt in his forests unaware that a crazed killer is after his head. Mercenary Corin an Fol is summoned north to protect the king. Enter the trap. Corin soon realizes someone from his past is out to get him first.

Book 4: The Shattered Crown

The Crystal Crown Trilogy

When a sorcerer destroys the High King’s crown and seizes control it falls to feisty Queen Ariane, and reluctant mercenary Corin an Fol to set things right.

Book 5: The Lost Prince

Queen Ariane, Corin an Fol, and friends must find Prince Tarin before Caswallon the sorcerer destroys him and the crown he's stolen.

Book 6: The Glass Throne

Corin an Fol’s loyalties are tested as his past comes back to haunt him -- meanwhile Caswallon’s sorcerous nets close over Queen Ariane's rebel army.

Book 7: The Emerald Queen

Set seven years after the dramatic conclusion of The Glass Throne, this exciting new book is the first in a forthcoming trilogy that will link back to the harrowing conclusion of Gol.

Queen Ariane, seeking news of her missing cousin Tamersane, sends her captain, Garland to find him. But the search proves ilusive and Garland soon finds himself caught in a web of witchy murder, sorcery and intrigue.

Book 8: GOL

The Series Prequel

Set 1000 years before Corin’s time, star-crossed lovers Lissane and Erun will do whatever it takes to escape the destiny in store for them — and the families sworn to keep them apart.

Blood Feud

Set one thousand years after Corin’s time. Blood Feud introduces three fantastic new characters: Jaran Saerk, an exiled Northman who seeks revenge, Savarna Eltayn, an escaped slave intent on killing an empress, and Finvar Droll, a former master-thief hiding a dark secret. These three misfits must unite their skills when a new war threatens to destroy their entire world.

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The Giant's Dance

The Berserker Trilogy

Three companions must unite against the forces of dark magic and faerie as the battle for Ansu continues.

Savarna is missing, captured by the witch Sheega. Jaran Saerk and Finvar must cross into the frozen realms to save her, battling demons and new terrors. Meanwhile, Savarna’s twin brother must choose: save his sister or save the woman he loves as the warlord Calla invades their land.

The Mercenary Trilogy comprises the early adventures of Corin an Fol. Focusing on his wild days spent fighting as a mercenary in the Permio Desert. The trilogy works well on its own, or as a prequel to the Crystal Crown Trilogy.

Includes Gray Wolf, Legends of the Longsword, Wolves and Assassins.

The Mercenary Trilogy

Boxed Set Edition

Includes Gray Wolf, Legends of the Longsword, Wolves and Assassins.

Big Sword, Bad Attitude – A Warrior’s Wayward Destiny. The first three Corin adventures in one volume. 

The Legend of Corin an Fol

Corin’s Greatest Challenge. The legends of Corin an Fol merges, The Shattered Crown, The Lost Prince, and The Glass throne into one epic read

The Complete Chronicles of Corin an Fol

Six volumes together in one collection! Follow the adventures of Corin an Fol as he avenges his family, learns the way of the sword, and battles evil across the world of Ansu.

Includes Gray Wolf, Legends of the Longsword, Wolves and Assassins, The Shattered Crown, The Lost Prince, The Glass Throne

The Haven

A Cornish Ghost Story

Young couple Richard and Kate Harrison are snared in a web of ghostly intrigue and murder when they stay at the Haven Hotel on the north Cornish coast.